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Group History

1989 Creation: Unification of Integral AG and Jucht AG, Tallinn, Estonia

Integral - Mathematical modeling of relations in network.
Jucht - School of managers. The development of business games and business trainings.

1998 WisoSoftCom GmbH, Munich, Germany joined the group

Wisosoft - Software development for the web-agents.

1999 Software Khain Ltd., Herzliya, Israel joined the group

Software Khain - Software development of solutions for scanning structural information from the Internet.

2002 WisoSoft-Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria was created and joined the group

WisoSoft-Austria - Sale and further development of internet robots.


2004 Gens Design, Munich, Germany joined the group

Gens Design - Web design.

2005 Konstanta AG, Moscow, Russia joined the group

Konstanta - Research and development

2009 ADIMIR Ltd., Tallinn, Estonia joined the group

Development and manufacturing of the electronic equipment

2009 Valmenn LLC, Seattle, USA joined the group

Vallmenn - Software development for optimizing the graphs.

2010 Amalthea OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia joined the group

Amalthea - Design and manufacture of multi-touch devices.


2011 Dislang Ltd., Daugavpils, Latvia joined the group 
Dislang - Development 3D graphics and animation, virtual and augmented realities, design and creating of user interfaces,

HMI, interfacing and connecting to real equipment.


2011 River Software Technologies SAS, Bagota, Colombia

River Software Technologies - design and development air and VoIp software technologies. 


Short news:
» Новые методы лечения в клиниках Мюнхена и Германии
Новые методы лечение раковых заболеваний в Германии
» Лечение в Германии
Лечение в Германии онкология лечение от рака лечение рака рак матки лечение простатита рак легких
» Лечение в Мюнхене
Лечение в Мюнхене
» Konservierung und Restaurierung in Deutschland
Restaurator aus München. Russische, Kirche, Ikonostas, Kunstgeschichte, Kunstakademie, Diplom, Restaurator, Restaurierung, Ikonen
» Бизнес и недвижимость в Мюнхене
Бизнес и недвижимость в Мюнхене

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Лечение в Германии новейшими методами медицины. Лечение рака в Мюнхене с использованием гамма ножа.
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