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Multitouch Comparisation

Multitouch technologies comparisation, Dual touch capable, Multi-touch capable, Vandal resistant , Unaffected by moisture rain or temperature, Transmits > 90% of the light, Touch sensitive, Touch detection happen before physical contact with the screen, Touch coordinates are drift free, Surface coating overlays are not necessary, Sealable (NEMA), Scratch resistance , Scale to larger screens, Optical clarity, Low power consumption , Long lasting (Wear resistant), Immune to water, Immune to running liquid, Immune to nearby metals, Immune to harsh chemicals , Immune to dirt and grease, Immune to changing ground potentials, Immune to electromagnetic interference, High resolution, High impact , Does not requires periodic recalibration, Does not require a construction area behind the screen, Can be used with LCD monitor, Can be used with a pen , Can be used with a gloved hand, Can be used with a finger , Can be used through a glass window, Can be used on domed surfaces, Can be used on curved surfaces (flex),


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» Новые методы лечения в клиниках Мюнхена и Германии
Новые методы лечение раковых заболеваний в Германии
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Лечение в Германии онкология лечение от рака лечение рака рак матки лечение простатита рак легких
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Лечение в Германии новейшими методами медицины. Лечение рака в Мюнхене с использованием гамма ножа.
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