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Virtual Entrance application, Virtual Rooms: Entertainment

The Entertainment applications allow selecting Video and Music items. The media selection can be started by zooming into a corresponding room such as the cinema or the concert hall.

The process of looking for a video or audio disk is similar to getting a drink from the bar. There are many videos and music disks, which are classified into categories.

Navigation is the same as that used for the whole Virtual Entrance application set: zooming and moving.


There is one specific feature of the entertainment services: it is possible to start a video or an audio not only via the Virtual Entrance, but also using other devices in the rooms via web service interfacing to the entertainment system.

View of Audio shelves
View of Audio shelves

Multitouch Earth application features: General features

General features


The Multitouch Earth has the configuration and environment features:


•    General multi-touch and mouse user interfaces are supported
•    User can switch between various languages 
•    System administrator can add/modify the contents of menus
•    Each route except Actual Route can be modified by the user


Use Case Descriptions


Use cases describe a sequence of actions the program performs that yields an observable result of value to the user.

We classify:

•    use cases for routing

•    use cases for points of interests and

•    Other types of use cases.


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