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Multi-touch terrestrial sphere (Globe/Globus/Глобус) is an unusual and highly innovative spherical interactive information system with multitouch functionality on the sphere.







Automatic marine route planning saved your time and many for oil. This application is based on Multitouch Earth technology.




Multitouch Eearth is a multitouch software, which is based on standard EARTH technologies has following additional functionality:
- automatic marine route planning;
- captain route;
- history route;
- AIS data base presentation;
- 3D projection of vessel interior;
- integration with vessel infrastructure.


It can be run on the Globe - mult-itouch interactive spherical monitor.



The Virtual Entrance application is a multitouch software which is a 3D simulated mega yacht(or hotel) interior with components of interactive motion through several vessel's (or hotel's) compartments: bridge, media room, cinema, bar and restaurant.




Video data from real navigation systems is grabbed via VGA-to-Ethernet converters and screened on sufficient bridge's displays.

Quick zoom in on chosen display and video display is in full screen mode visualization.

There is a possibility of choosing for bottle in bar or course in restaurant with sending order to waiter via wide range of communication facilities, go through enormous nubmbers of CD/DVD records with possibility providing request to real multimedia system for playing album or track.


Short news:
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Новые методы лечение раковых заболеваний в Германии
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Лечение в Германии онкология лечение от рака лечение рака рак матки лечение простатита рак легких
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Лечение в Германии новейшими методами медицины. Лечение рака в Мюнхене с использованием гамма ножа.
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